Zhi Hua lost both her arms because of a high voltage electric shock. She could do nothing, not even going to school, because she couldn’t write her homework.

This sudden blow caused her mother to suffer from spasmodic schizophrenia.

Through long time hard training, Zhi Hua not only learned to write with her feet and won back her opportunity to go to school, but also learned to eat, wash her face, brush her teeth and put on her clothes, among other things, with her feet. So the school finally accepted her as a boarding student. More..

Producer's Statement

Now-a-days it has become a common news in the media columns that the youngsters are forcing themselves to end their lives for small reasons, many times even without any reason too.

It is really saddening to see that these promising youngsters in our country are driven to that end which hardly finds any justification. Missing EAMCET by a mark, or fail in tenth class or failure in one-way love or some relatively little trivial issues are only a few reasons that our younsters tend to take on themselves leaving a trail of unending sadness to their parents. More..

Director's Note

When I first read about the news report on an armless girl student who kept forging ahead in spite of her adversity, I was moved to tears.

There was also news about university students who committed suicide. Those who could otherwise be valuable participants in building the society instantly became the eternal sorrow of their parents. What in the world did they lack in their spirit? More..