The Director’s Notes

When I first read about the news report on an armless girl student who kept forging ahead in spite of her adversity, I was moved to tears.

There was also news about university students who committed suicide. Those who could otherwise be valuable participants in building the society instantly became the eternal sorrow of their parents. What in the world did they lack in their spirit?

There are hundreds of millions of teenagers in China. They enjoy the richness and serenity of life. Their living conditions are becoming better and better. But in the face of setbacks and adversities of life, are they mentally ready?

What films do we choose for our children to see, so that their genius can be revealed in adversity instead of being concealed in fortune, and that their tender hearts can be hammered healthier?

In view of this, my wife Zhao Huili and I decided to do this story and we spent two years working on the script and finally put it onto the silver screen. Through the story of an armless girl who is not mentally down while physically disabled and studies hard to repay her mother’s kindness, we try to present the purely Chinese special terms of endearment between mother and daughter, explore a deep theme of humans challenging the limits of life and display the splendor of humanity and life in their extremes.

In the making of this movie, we overcame all kinds of difficulties and used up all our family savings. Our persistence moved the leaders of the China Disabled Persons' Federation and many friends like Wang Meng and An Zhen, whose help was instrumental in the smooth completion of this film. In the making of this movie, the crew members were often moved to applaud and tears.

Dear audience, in seeing this movie, if you are somewhat moved or if you still remember some of the scenes in the film after three years, that will be the best affirmation and prize to our work.