Producer's Statement

Now-a-days it has become a common news in the media columns that the youngsters are forcing themselves to end their lives for small reasons, many times even without any reason too.

It is really saddening to see that these promising youngsters in our country are driven to that end which hardly finds any justification. Missing EAMCET by a mark, or fail in tenth class or failure in one-way love or some relatively little trivial issues are only a few reasons that our younsters tend to take on themselves leaving a trail of unending sadness to their parents. This reprehensible attitude of our youth, who, in fact are the future pillars of our country, need to be reshaped. We need to put an end to the unthinkable and reprehensible trend among the youth. Even if one life is thus saved after watching this film, it would help the nation greatly.

But their energies should be used for building the future of the nation. The theme of the film revolves around a young girl who loses both her arms but never loses her confidence. Guided by her determined parents and thoughtful teachers, she becomes a national swimming champion and she stands testimony for the triumph of human spirit.

We intend to take this film to every nook and corner. All the parents, every student, every teacher, every sportsperson, every abled person and needless to say every otherwise abled person should see this film for inspiration and to rededicate oneself to achieve the "impossible", and contribute to the nation in building the future. We are optimistic about it.